Welcome 2016

Happy New Year!  I expected January to be slow but I was wrong.  My new and regular customers have been keeping me busy.  It almost seems like everyone decided to start off the new year  with a resolution to finish their UFOs (unfinished objects). Including myself.

WP_20160117_004 Center medalion

I finished this quilt right before the QuiltCon deadline.  I had to slap on binding by machine in order to make the submission deadline with just about 1 hour to spare.  I hope never to do that again.  It didn’t make it after all that effort and stress.  Of course, I’m disappointed but not too surprised.  It probably was too traditional and not original enough though it is my original pattern.  Many friends have given me very positive feedback and I’m pleased with the quilt.

It taught me a lot.  One is to never rush, never use new products for a show quilt, and plan ahead to name a few.

I wanted to design a quilt that fits in the modern traditionalism category.  So, I started drawing on paper first and then in  EQ7 software.  Wanted to have a lot of negative space.   I took out blocks from the center, so I could quilt a medallion.  Originally, I wanted the setting to be on point (diamond instead of square center).  But it was going to be too big.  Instead, I decided the background quilting could be on point.

I marked the center design before I started quilting but I came up with the rest of the design after it was on the machine.  My border deign could have used pre-marking for sure.  Some of my goals were: 1. not to quilt it to death (I know it’s still pretty dense), 2. not to use swirls because it’s usually an easy filler.

InstagramCapture_fec88776-6745-4f56-aaff-c2b8dc02a814 WP_20160117_007

I love the Tula Pink backing.  I’m glad fabric designers are starting to pay attention to backing fabric as well.  This one is satin like, very smooth and you can’t help but slide your hand over and pet it.

I hope 2016 will be another year of experimenting and learning.  Happy Quilting!

One thought on “Welcome 2016”

  1. I still can’t believe this quilt didn’t place; it is simply gorgeous, and the gray-thread-on-gray quilting appealed a great deal to me. I’m not as fond of pieced quilts, I guess; at the end of the day, I’m just a huge fan of … gray. Which sounds weird.

    When last we spoke, you were racing out the door to get something on your quilting machine fixed, so I’m glad all appears to be well!

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