More photos from Houston International

I often take pictures at a show and seldom do anything with them.  I should really make a folder of the inspiring photos and look at them every once in a while.  Here are some of the quilts that caught my eye at the show.



I was really attracted by more architectural quilts rather than traditional, probably because I don’t do it.  A lot of phenomenal quilting.  Some day I would love to enter a quilt.  Some day.

One thought on “More photos from Houston International”

  1. That dodo bird quilt is kind of amazing!! What really catches my eye is the angles and shading and fabric use for that church — that’s really superb. The little people – with hats and high collars – look alternatively like a churchyard – little headstones – or little Jewish folk and a synagogue instead of a cruciform church. Its angles allow myriad interpretations.

    I don’t think I’d sleep under the quilt with the taxis – and maybe that’s my problem. I always think of quilts as something for beds, but that thing should just be framed… and I can see you competing in this!

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