Houston International Quilt Festival 2015

I spent 6 days  at the festival.  It was better than Disneyland! Everyone there was happy and excited.  You could not stand in line or sit down without starting a conversation.

Let me share some of the quilts from the show.

Best of Show
Best of Show , “Ewe are my sunshine” by Janet Stone
Founders Award, "Brilliant Rose"  by Junko Fujiwara
Founders Award by Junko Fujiwara 
Master Award for Traditional Artistry "My Sweet House with Kirara"  by Ayako Kawakami
Master Award for Traditional Artistry by Ayako Kawakami
World of Beauty Award, "Eager to Learn"  by Gillian Shearer
World of Beauty Award, “Eager to Learn” by Gillian Shearer

More photos to follow in future posts.

2 thoughts on “Houston International Quilt Festival 2015”

  1. WHOA! The level of detail in the Founders Award one and the Best In Show are a little terrifying. Actually in ALL of them. And I can imagine that you’d need a whole week for a biiig show like that. A lot of fun energy with all of those crafters together in one place!

    I found the coolest thing – Japanese family crests. They reminded me of superhero symbols, but I also realized that they could very handily be used in quilting – which of course is why I needed to show you!

    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve had the same thoughts about the crests. I actually have a whole book on Japanese crests and a quilting book with crests turned into quilt blocks. I’ve made one block so far. Some day I’ll have a quilt with a bunch of them.

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