Tote project

I don’t enjoy any sewing other than piecing for quilts.  So, this was unusual for me.  I wanted to make a bag to carry my quilts in instead of using free ones I’ve gotten from vendors.  I couldn’t find a pattern I liked.  I have books and magazines with patterns, not to mention the free ones on the internet.  Most of them were too complicated for what I wanted.  I took bits and pieces from multiple sources and came up with this.





It’s very simple.  Not pocket or zipper.  Being a long arm quilter, I had to put it on my machine to quilt it.  Which was easy enough except for the design choice I made.  The digitized design had directionality (is that a word?)  and negative space.  I managed to remember to flip and mirror images in relation to the center motif of the fabric.  However, it left a little gap where the repeats met in the center.  This probably doesn’t make any sense to you.



I’m very happy with the finished bag.  I can take it to the Home Machine Quilters Show in Salt Lake.

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  1. Hah! No, it makes… no sense… because I can barely sew, much less discuss negative space and directionality (YES, I declare that a word). However, I do know that if you make bags like that one, they will sell like WOW and OhMyWord in this state – they charge for grocery bags, my friend, and people are making a killing on printed canvas bags, but for those who want something classy, sturdier/that won’t kill your hands when it’s heavy — this is it.

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