Quiltcon 2015


What a fun weekend it was!  I spent the weekend at Quiltcon in Austin, TX.  Thank you, hubby, for letting me go.

So many talented quilters. This one won the best of show. “i Quilt” by Kathy York, Austin Modern Quilt Guild. She didn’t even make a pattern to create it.


My personal favorite was from the special exhibit, “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend.”  Unfortunately, I did not capture the name of the quilter.  My phone camera does not do justice.  Gee’s Bend is a small community in Alabama.  A group of women have been making quilts since the 19th century.

Their choice of colors and sense of design were just amazing.  They didn’t take any design or composition classes.  It came natural to them.  The sense of beauty they have in them is breath-taking.  Made me wonder what is my own inner sense of beauty?


Here’re are some more photos. Enjoy.

WP_20150222_025  WP_20150222_022WP_20150222_026 WP_20150222_024

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  1. Ooh, I like the iQuilt one, too.
    Interestingly enough, I’ve learned quite a bit about Gee’s Bend… through the usual way I learn anything: picture books. There’s a lot of information about those ladies and the way they lived – simply, and in touch with that hard-to-find inner beauty… maybe they found it easier to focus on because of their simplicity… The bold colors and blocks really mimic the style of artwork that is known as “primitive” or naive. I kind of hate the name, but the bright colors and straight lines reminds me of that style.

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