Thank you for checking out my site.  I’m a passionate longarm quilter in the Portland OR area.  When I’m not quilting for my customer, I make quilts, so I can use my longarm machine.

Here are some of my recent projects.  I made this first one because: 1. I wanted a portable project for when I’m traveling and 2. I wanted to do vertical line stitching.

I made the next one, so I can try McTavishing.  I practiced a lot by doodling on paper before I actually started stitching.  It worked pretty well.  If you don’t know what McTavishing is, it is a free-motion, background filler with long swooping lines and curves.  It can be made very densely to pack down the background.  I think it’s more interesting than just echoing around the applique.


Details.Applique detail

One thought on “Welcome!”

  1. Love that last quilt especially – the thistle-type flower looks almost Scottish, and McTavishing — well! That sounds Scottish, at least! I really like the fabric you chose for the flower as well – the little vining leaf pattern in a flower is quite clever. As always, you do good work!

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