Valentine’s Day Quilt

I was looking at “Valentine’s Day” quilts on  Pinterest, hoping for some inspiration.  When none struck my fancy, I switched my search for “modern quilts”.  My eyes caught a chevron quilt with blues and greens.  I thought, “Hey, that kind of looks like hearts.”

WP_20150130_001I cut 4″ strips and then cut individual diamond shapes using my triangle ruler.

WP_20150130_002 I added 1.25″ wide strips to top and bottom. At first I was strip piecing, but it didn’t work very well.  It became confusing when I laid them out and some had strips and others didn’t.

WP_20150130_004   WP_20150122_004 I had a hard time lining up the diamonds because of the strip in the middle.  I couldn’t line up to a point or seam.  Plus, I cut some of the white strips 1/4″ shorter.  That didn’t help, either.  After much sewing and ripping, here it is.  In hind sight, I should have squared each diamond after sewing on the white strip.  I sometimes get excited about a project and rush too much.  Sophie It still needs top and bottom borders.  I’ll post a pic once I finish quilting.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Quilt”

  1. Like those little clouds on gray background with the wee heart – the freeform shapes of the clouds really contrasted nicely with the hard-edged chevron shape.

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