Valentine’s Day Quilt

I was looking at “Valentine’s Day” quilts on  Pinterest, hoping for some inspiration.  When none struck my fancy, I switched my search for “modern quilts”.  My eyes caught a chevron quilt with blues and greens.  I thought, “Hey, that kind of looks like hearts.”

WP_20150130_001I cut 4″ strips and then cut individual diamond shapes using my triangle ruler.

WP_20150130_002 I added 1.25″ wide strips to top and bottom. At first I was strip piecing, but it didn’t work very well.  It became confusing when I laid them out and some had strips and others didn’t.

WP_20150130_004   WP_20150122_004 I had a hard time lining up the diamonds because of the strip in the middle.  I couldn’t line up to a point or seam.  Plus, I cut some of the white strips 1/4″ shorter.  That didn’t help, either.  After much sewing and ripping, here it is.  In hind sight, I should have squared each diamond after sewing on the white strip.  I sometimes get excited about a project and rush too much.  Sophie It still needs top and bottom borders.  I’ll post a pic once I finish quilting.

Quilting Retreat

WP_20150126_001  I just got back from my first retreat.  I was lucky enough to be invited to go with a small group of ladies to Lincoln City, OR.  The house we rented was right on the beach.  The beautiful scenery sure inspired our creativity.  I always thought that at these retreats you would end up spending more time chatting than sewing.  Boy, was I wrong.   I’d never sewn so much in one sitting.  It was nice not to have to worry about chores or my hubby  and dog (though I missed them).  We were laughing,  sewing, eating Cheetos and sewing some more late into the night.  I had the best time.

So, what were my projects?  Valentine’s Day quilt and improvisational quilt from a workshop I took through Portland Modern Quilt Guild called Color Play by Jessica Darling.  I’ll talk about them in my future posts.



Thank you for checking out my site.  I’m a passionate longarm quilter in the Portland OR area.  When I’m not quilting for my customer, I make quilts, so I can use my longarm machine.

Here are some of my recent projects.  I made this first one because: 1. I wanted a portable project for when I’m traveling and 2. I wanted to do vertical line stitching.

I made the next one, so I can try McTavishing.  I practiced a lot by doodling on paper before I actually started stitching.  It worked pretty well.  If you don’t know what McTavishing is, it is a free-motion, background filler with long swooping lines and curves.  It can be made very densely to pack down the background.  I think it’s more interesting than just echoing around the applique.


Details.Applique detail